Skip the Straw, Collapsible Straw Keychain

Images are powerful. There is an image of a sea turtle with a plastic straw in its nose that has moved people in a revolt against plastic straws. But, some of us really like using a straw. Enter the collapsible straw keychain this handy invention is a complete game changer. You can still use a straw, but avoid the waste and constant judgment for using a plastic straw.

A popular stat is that the US uses 500 million plastic straws every day. Too me this stat seems a bit over the top, but lets cut down to just a quarter. That is 125 million straws per day. Or over 45 billion straws a year. This is just the US, so just imagine…

Also, this really brings into the discussion, wastefully packaging. For example, if you buy something it has 10x as much paper and plastic creating a display box to house the goods in. This is something that is not needed and needs to be addressed.

collapsible straw


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