vitamins for boozehounds

Hey we all like to drink, but no one really enjoys the next day hangover felling. Well you are in luck because B Vitamins Drinkers can help you avoid the next day hangover feeling. Yes really there is such a thing as a hangover cure, well its actually more like hangover prevention.

This is what you need to do. Next time before you start drinking take a b vitamin complex supplement or a performance vitamin that is heavy in B vitamins. Your body uses extra b vitamins when you drink. Some to break down sugars from the drink but also sugar from alcohol you consume. By doing this you are prepping your body for the night of drinking so you dont wake up so out of wack and depleted. This will also help with your blood sugar so you don’t feel as sluggish the next day.

b vitamins drinkers

Your body will thank you kindly.

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